Pink Slip
Pink Slip

It is a type of safety inspection report that testifies the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Any vehicle which has been used for three or more years requires a safety inspection. This is a strict condition for registration renewal. To obtain a pink slip, your vehicle will have to undergo inspection at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS).

E-Safety Check

This type of Pink Slip is sent to RTA electronically. With this process, you can renew registration over the phone or online. But you must visit an e-Safety Check Inspection Station and get the required checks done in order to utilise this option.

White Slip
White Slip

It is a type of rejection slip that comes with the inspection report. The report mentions the kind of repairs required to make the vehicle roadworthy. You have to send the vehicle for re-inspection after due repairs have been completed. If everything is in place, the vehicle will receive a pink slip.

If you are driving around in an unregistered vehicle, it is time to wake up.

  • The registration system in Australia makes sure that all vehicles are road-worthy.
  • All the registered vehicles are also insured by third party insurance. In case of a crash, the third party insurance makes sure that personal injuries suffered by any passenger are covered.

Call today or just come to our car mechanic shop located in Sydney for a quick pink slip safety check. Below is a list of various inspections of roadworthiness, followed by tips on how you can cover yourself.

Pink Slip - Sydney area
  • Foremost, pink slip inspection is mandatory for every motor vehicle on Australia roads according to the Roads and Maritime Services. The Roads and maritime services Unit keeps inspection and certification schemes that is aimed at requiring motor vehicle owners to meet certain minimum safety standards. Motor vehicles are classified under different classes although this differs with particular states. Generally, motor vehicle safety inspection are classified as either heavy vehicle inspection or light vehicle inspections.
  • Secondly, safety check is among the prerequisites for renewal of registration. The government of Australia requires that every motor vehicle owner to renew their car registration after every 12 months.
  • Thirdly, a pink slip inspection helps check for the road worthiness of the car. An authorized mechanic who must be registered by the Authorized inspection unit network of mechanics should conduct this check. Where a car fails the safety check, a white slip is issued. Different stations around Australia are thereby authorized by the Roads and Maritime inspection unit. A list of authorized stations is available on the various states’ government websites.

A white slip is a rejection slip that is accompanied by the inspection report that states that the motor vehicle owner has up to 14 days to make the necessary repairs. Failure to comply with the white slip requirements within the 14 days lends the slip expired and consequently, the motor vehicle owner must catty out a fresh safety inspection.

In addition to ensuring compliance, a pink slip inspection is able to disclose defects that a motor vehicle driver would not normally detect. Undoubtedly, this prevents road accidents that could cause irreparable damage to the motor vehicle and oneself. This gives a driver the peace of mind when driving because they know that the vehicle is safe for use on the road.

Driving a safe car also gives the assurance that the driver and all the passengers are safe. The risk of driving an unroadworthy vehicle cannot be overstated. In addition, driving a safe car ensures that one is able to drive for long trips without the worry of breakdowns. This is because the safety check will have already shown any defects on the car and any parts that need to be replaced thus ensure the vehicle is in good condition before the long trip. Moreover, driving a safe car is also cost effective because it will significantly reduce running costs.

During safety inspection, a number of checks are carried out.

This includes checking for the

  • condition of tires
  • brakes
  • steering wheel
  • lights
  • seats and seats belts
  • windscreen
  • suspension
  • checking for any damage on the body of the vehicle

A pink slip inspection also involve checking that the horn and hand brake function properly.

With regard, to lights, the safety inspection unit seeks to check that are all lights are fully working. It also checks that there are broken lenses or faded lenses. If the car is fitted with fog lights, such lights must be fully functional. The indicators are also checked to ensure they are fully responsive.

Tires are yet another crucial part checked for safety. Essentially, for tires to pass the safety check, they must have a tread depth of at least 1.5 mm. Further, the tires must not be cracked. A pink slip inspection also ensure that tires are legal. Where tires are not checked, they could lead to the tires completely losing traction that is very dangerous to drive in.

An inspection of wiper blades is also essential and aims at checking for broken, old or cracked windscreen blades. Wheel bearings and suspension units are also checked and must not be showing substantial wear and tear.

Our inspection unit is hereby an authorized inspection Unit that is located in Sydney. We are able to conduct these tasks within a few minutes that range between 15 minutes and 30 minuteswith direct electronic lodgement to the RMS.